Media VS Reality

Media perceives hunting to be different than what actually happens.  In the media, the audience sees success.  The audience sees the hunter shoot their trophy deer or their prize bird.  The audience sees all the good parts about hunting that make it look fun and easy.  What the audience doesn’t see, is all the work it takes to get there.  The audience doesn’t see the hours, days, and weeks of preparation to get ready for hunting season.  They don’t see the days spent outside from sunrise to sunset and not seeing a single deer.  They don’t see walking 10 miles of corn fields and tree rows and not seeing a single bird.  They don’t even see the entire season wasted when your trophy buck finally makes an appearance and your gun jams so you miss your only chance.  

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Winter Feeding

It’s February and most of the time here in Nebraska that means it’s cold, snowy and, for the most part, pretty harsh weather conditions. This year has been an exception. Let’s just say Mother Nature can't make up her mind. One day it’s blistering cold and the next it’s in the 50s and sunny. The only thing that’s been consistent, though, is there isn't much for food this time of year. This also happens to be the time of the year deer need the nutrients the most. Does are gestating fawns and bucks are still recovering from the harshness of the rut. The problem is there isn't much for nutritional forages out there. Everything that is out there is long dead with little to no nutritional value. If the deer are lucky, there may be a close-by corn field or soybean field that has some “leftovers” from harvest still out there but eventually that will run out, too.

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Welcome: Take Two

Welcome to The Nebraska Hunter website. If you have followed along with me, you may have noticed I have written a “Welcome” before but, due to some technical difficulties, I lost my previous posts so let me re-welcome everyone. My whole life I have been an avid hunter and outdoorsman and that is why I decided to start my own YouTube channel which in turn has brought my website and other various social media links which you can access through this website.

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